Spring has sprung!

thirsty-turf-irrigation-27062-unsplashThe weather has finally started changing in the great NW and it’s time to get out and take care of some things that built up over the winter. 

Job one (1) is to clean out the gutters…  Everyone thinks about this in the fall but now is a great time to get the gutters clean and not let the build up from the winter sit in the bottom of your metal gutters.  This leads to rust and eventually leaks, especially at the seams.

Job two (2) is to clean debris off of the roof.  Be careful! Maybe hire someone if you’re not comfortable with heights.  Fir needles and leaves build up in various areas of the roof.  This occurs a lot in the roof valleys and around skylights.  Don’t let this debris build up and decompose on your roof!  It will break down the roofing material over time.

Job three (3) is to evaluate the condition of your exterior decking, walkways, steps, etc…  Moss and mildew will build up over the winter and it may be time to pressure wash and possibly refinish your deck.  Well worth keeping these areas clean and safe to walk on and also well sealed so that you don’t have to replace the wood later.  That’s it!  You are now ready for spring.

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